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Financial, Technology + Lifestyle

We provide news and information on fintech companies for interested investors, plus a corresponding lifestyle section.

Our focus is on discovering emerging trends, highlighting new technology such as AI and blockchain, where to invest well, and some tips on what to do the rest of the time.

Our center of the universe is in Frankfurt, Germany. We will include headlines and summaries of leading German media - in english.

We focus on:

  • Finance (online-based companies in finance)
  • Technology AI, (blockchain, crypto-currency)
  • Lifestyle

divided between high-tech (e-cars eg Tesla, e-bikes, gadgets. etc.) and low-tech or down-time (anything from beauty treatments to camping to gardening to watches).

Items are either marked as 'news' (press releases) or 'opinion' (our two-cents).

Please send press releases to edit@frafintech.com and any questions to info@frafintech.com.

Any sponsored contend will be clearly marked as such.

Roswitha Keppler-Junius

Roswitha Keppler-Junius

Managing Director

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Stefan Breitenfeld

Web Architect